I have finally given up my nine to five job. This has given me the opportunity to spend time on the things that I really want to do. That is, making hand crafted fountain pens and handwovens. I got the bug to make pens several years ago when my wife, Kari, knowing that I like to create things with my hands and absolutely love fountain pens, gave me a class in pen making for my birthday. I have been making them for about four or five years now, grabbing a minute here and there whenever I have time.

At first I was simply building the kits that are available to pen makers. However, after a few of those, they became fairly easy to make and they all started to look the same. So, I started stretching my skills and changing the way they are made. Using parts from kits where I needed them but not exactly making the pen they were intended for.

I am also seriously interested in Fiber Arts. Specifically weaving, something that I began learning as a child in grade school at Henry Ford’s Edison Institute and Greenfield Village Schools in Dearborn, Michigan. For art class, once in a while we had the rare privilege of going to the “weaving building” which was filled with really big floor looms on which we wove our tiny little projects. It has been a dream of mine to continue learning to weave ever since.

One year for my birthday, my wife (AGAIN) took me to Baker Allegan Studios in Allegan, Michigan. She had bought me some time on one of their looms so that I could weave a rug. She bought my first rigid heddle loom to which I have since added two more. First I bought a larger ridged heddle loom and then I purchased an eight shaft floor loom. I now have a few years of weaving under my belt and at this writing I have projects going on all three looms. The more I weave, the more I want to! I am fulfilling my life long dream and creating that others appreciate. I can’t imagine anything better.

I have had and continue to have the support of some very skilled weavers. Kathy Popoff at Woven Art in Lansing, Michigan, Nancy Peck at Michigan Fine Yarns in Livonia, Michigan. And (for color and design) Kari Kitchens (AKA Kari Schillinger) at Quaine Lane Arts, Novi Michigan. They have given me many hours of attention in my quest to become a weaver! The more I learn the more I realize how much more there IS TO learn…

I am enjoying the opportunity to collaborate with my wife, Kari, who is a wonderful artist, where we can combine our interests and talents on the same project. More to come on our combined projects and all of my wife’s art in the future.

We are looking forward to you discovering our art on QUAINE LANE!

And even more so, we are excited about bringing fresh, joyful art into YOUR LIFE!

Eric Schillinger


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