Finally Back to Weaving

I am finally getting back to weaving after a significant interruption with work and life in general. Three more months of work left before I can weave and make pens anytime I want.


What I have started working on are the side panels for a bag that I have already posted the body of in an earlier post. It will still be a while before you see the finished bag. It is a calibration with my wife Kari so she will be making the lining and adding some embellishments!


Today I am also ordering a new loom. The last one that I will need for a long time. It is a Harrisville Designs 36 inch, 8 shaft floor loom that I have had my eye on for a long time. I  ordered the kit so there will be “some assembly required”! When it arrives and I have the time and space to put it together I will do an un-boxing and share my experience with the assembly for those that might be considering doing the same thing!



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