Something Practical

After having been to a couple of classes it was time for me to venture out on my own. Time to take what I had learned and see what I could do with it. I had become very enamored with weaving with a rag weft so that is where I went first. The beautiful batiks that are available, with all their bright colors, make weaving with them very exciting.
So, I picked up where I left off and used a very similar material to my first “rag” project in the class and It turned out GREAT! It is so much fun to get to the end of a project and have it turn out just like you planned it. Well, almost like you planned it. You never know what the final pattern of color is going to look like until you are a couple of inches into the weaving. It is always a surprise!
Purple is my favorite color and this project turned out to be predominately purple.
This is another one of those items that is going to be part of another project and will show up again sometime down the road. Watch for it…
Next I decided that I needed to try something harder and make something practical, something I could use on  a regular basis and really needed. I would make a bag for carrying my laptop and miscellaneous stuff.
The main body of the bag on the loom…
Bag Material
 The Finished bag in use…
A look at the really hard part, the insides…
Inside Computer Bag
The weaving was simple and fun, always my favorite part. The insides, on the other hand, took months to plan, do, re-plan and re-do. I certainly didn’t do all of this my self, although I did learn how to do some straight sewing using a 1947 Singer Feather Weight 221 sewing machine. The completion of this bag with the gear pockets, padded computer pocket, etc took the expert assistance of my bride Kari. When it was over we looked at each other and came to the simultaneous conclusion, NEVER AGAIN!
However, I absolutely love the bag. It is just what I wanted and it feels good to make something that I am proud to carry and I will be forever grateful for my Kari’s help and support in completing this project!
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2 Responses to Something Practical

  1. Linda Watson says:

    Congratulations on your weaving. It looks great. Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to sharing more weaving posts with you.

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