In the Beginning…

I am seriously interested in the Fiber Arts, specifically weaving, something that I began learning about as a child in grade school. I was very fortunate to have attended Henry Ford’s Edison Institute and Greenfield Village Schools in Dearborn Michigan, my home town. Today it is called “The Henry Ford” and is open to the public. It is billed as America’s greatest history attraction. It was a fabulous place to learn, especially history, and we were surrounded with wonderful examples of ordinary people who had done extraordinary things which was Henry’s point.

One of the places we went for art class was the “weaving building” which was filled with big floor looms on which we wove our tiny little projects.


I can still remember the feeling of awe, as a small, child seeing, feeling and hearing the incredible steam shuttle loom in action  and the amazing Jacquard loom. What an incredible machine!


Steam Shuttle Loom


Jacquard Loom

It has been a dream of mine to continue learning to weave ever since. It is something I have shared with my wife many times during our nearly 30 years of marriage usually saying something like, I should get a loom and learn to weave!

A year ago in March, for my birthday, my wife surprised me with a trip to Allegan, Michigan to visit the Baker Allegan Studios.


This is a place where the sell art of many kinds, weaving supplies, looms, weaving classes and rent time on looms.


Kari had reserved time on a large floor loom for me to weave a rag rug. It was an absolutely wonderful experience and the rug has been in and honored place in our living room ever since. As you can see it is a favorite spot for our cats to take a break!


I was hooked! Kari gave me a Schacht  Spindle Co. Cricket Loom for my birthday that year. Later in the year I purchased a Schacht Spindle Co. Flip rigid heddle loom so that I could weave some larger projects. So, this trip was all I needed to fire up my life long desire to learn to weave. I was on my way!


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1 Response to In the Beginning…

  1. Jim Reardan says:

    I love the phrase “Fiber Arts.” Weave on, Brother!

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